Great Middle Way by Tashi Nyima

Great Middle Way

No Secrets, No Sides

by Tashi Nyima
  • In the presence of the Sangha, in the light of the Dharma, in oneness with the Buddha, may my path to complete enlightenment benefit everyone! In this passing moment, karma ripens, and all things come to be. I vow to … Continue reading →
  • When I am happy, may my merit flow to all beings. May joy and benefit fill the sky! When I am unhappy, may the sorrow of all beings be mine. May the ocean of suffering run dry! 𑁋Khenzur Rinpoche Tsamjung
  • If just for the time of a finger snap you generate a thought of loving-kindness, develop it, and give attention to it, you are rightly called a practitioner of the Way. How much more so if you cultivate it! 𑁋Buddha … Continue reading →
  • There are these ten fetters. Which ten? Five lower fetters and five higher fetters. And which are the five lower fetters? Self-identity views, uncertainty, grasping at precepts and practices, sensual desire, and ill will. These are the five lower fetters. … Continue reading →
  • This is the calling: Be Bold, be Brave, be Bodhisattvas! Demonstrate superior understanding and skillful means for the benefit of all. Manifest perfect enlightenment! 𑁋TN
  • How mistaken is the view which dualizes subject and object, when the expanse of reality is free from conceptual elaboration! How deluded we have been by our grasping at characteristics! How debilitating is the view which dualizes objects and mind, … Continue reading →
  • May I be free from enmity and danger. May I be free from triple suffering. May I embrace happiness! May my parents, teachers, family, friends and Dharma siblings be free from enmity and danger, be free from triple suffering. May … Continue reading →
  • The eight worldly concerns (pain and pleasure, gain and loss, fame and infamy, praise and censure) are the faces of an octahedron die. All eight faces are present at all times 𑁋one shows up as you throw, then another. 𑁋TN
  • We came into the world without relatives, friends, or companions. We may have many friends and acquaintances at the moment, and perhaps many enemies too, but as soon as death falls upon us we shall leave all of them behind, … Continue reading →
  • When all life is practice, there is no need to set aside a special time for training. Every moment is an opportunity for Dharma cultivation. 𑁋TN