GMWBA Mission and Vision


The mission of the Great Middle Way Buddhist Association (GMWBA) is to establish, sustain, and develop the three traditional supports of the Sangha: publishing Dharma texts, providing a retreat center for extended Dharma practice; and building and preserving Stupas and other representations of the Three Jewels.


GMWA publishes the Dharma teachings of Ven. Tashi Nyima and the Jonang Lamas through Montaña Del Dharma
Publications; establishes the Heart of the Mountain Dharma Refuge to host Dharma teachings and facilitate
retreats for the Sangha; and builds and maintains the Liberation Upon Sight Stupa, a replica of the Omniscient
Dolpopa’s Thongdrol Chenmo Stupa, to preserve the relics of Kyabje Tashi Norbu Rinpoche.


As a not-for-profit extension of the Universal Compassion Buddhist Congregation (UCBC), GMWBA observes the
values and principles faithfully expressed in the UCBC Articles of Establishment, Bylaws, Six Harmonies, Ethics, and
Governance policies, while preserving its distinct organizational character and fiscal independence.


GMWBA officers and members conduct themselves in accordance with the teachings of the Buddha, honoring the
code of conduct and ethics policy of the Universal Compassion Buddhist Congregation, respecting all beings and
views. We strive for right intention, motivation, and action; for right speech, harmony, kindness, honesty,
openness, and forgiveness when needed. We strive to support each member’s strengths and creativity. We
remember that attachment, aversion, and indifference are ego-clinging. Our intention and motivation are to bring
great merit and blessings to all through the establishment of this practice retreat center and the Tashi Norbu
Rinpoche’s Jonang Stupa in the West, Liberation on Sight.


The GMWBA publishes Dharma texts, promotes awareness of the Refuge and Stupa projects, and raises the funds
necessary to complete and maintain the Refuge and Stupa in Crestone/Baca Grande Colorado.

Break ground by May 2024. Complete all construction by September 2025.

Host Stupa of Liberation on Sight and Heart of the Mountain Dharma Refuge dedication on September 17, 2025,
on Tashi Norbu Rinpoche’s parinirvana anniversary.